Short Stories and Novelettes

Yarn Magazine
A Window-Colored Sky (2014)

Ember Magazine
Eligible Maidens

The Yearbook Office
Do Not Feed the Humans and The Five People You Meet in Retail

Spark Anthology
Stomach of Iron, Heart of Glass

Anathema Magazine
This is the Nightmare

Bosie Magazine
The Jicama Fruit

The Weird and Whatnot
The Sleeping Curiosity

Carnation Press
Puss in Heels

Uncanny Magazine
The Tailor and the Beast

Nonfiction and Blog Posts

You’re Supposed to Be Suffering

Anime Feminist
Decades Apart, Miles Ahead. Lady Action Heroes in Bubblegum Crisis and Tokyo 2040 (2019)

Extremely Relatable Horrifying Content

Creative Project Development

The Extended Zodiac
Lead Writer

The Homestuck Epilogues
Additional Writing

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Character Creation and World Building